Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet My Captain

Amara tied to the dock in Canet.
I got this in my inbox this morning of Martin up on the flybridge of Amara.  It is so nice to see the smile on his face, given the intense conversations we've had this week discussing the not so pretty things about owning a boat.  Fixes, constant and eternal fixes.

Martin and Garry are now living on the boat full time, meaning they are working around the clock to get this girl out of the harbor and on her way.  There seems to be a break in the weather this coming week.  So if they can just get all these repairs done, she just may be getting on her way.  Fingers crossed.

All I'm thinking now though is that I see blue skies behind Martin, a smile on his face and him standing on the boat that we both love.  My weekend is starting off well.