Sunday, February 3, 2013

Canet's Weather Update

Martin exploring a castle in Perpignan, France.
I just got an update today in an email from Martin.  It reads:

"It's very windy here in Canet today.  The wind gusts have registered 57 knots or 65 miles an hour on our anemometer. The wind picks the water up off the surface and turns it into spray right here in the marina! Our rigging is clanking away and Amara is rattling and shaking like crazy.  I'm very glad that we are still tied to the dock!"

So, what to do when the weather isn't in your favor?  Be a tourist!  Martin and Garry explored the town of Perpignan.  It is a lovely medieval city about 15 miles from Canet.

More about the boat tomorrow...  Until then, you can find me packing.  Still packing.