Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sea Can Make You Do Funny Things

Here is a funny email that I just received from Martin and Garry while they were sailing to the Canaries from Gibraltar.

Martin writes: 

"Well it happened.  After 5 days at sea, Garry is wearing women’s clothing.  I guess, that if it gets cold enough for a long enough period of time; a man will resort to wearing women’s clothes. 
Garry came from sunny, warm Hawaii, where it never gets below 70° Fahrenheit.  Lacking proper clothing for the winter in Europe, Garry borrowed a hat, gloves and fleece pants from me.  Then he purchased a heavy sailing coat and boots.  From France to Gibraltar, he wore everything that he owned under his sailing jacket, trying to stay warm. At times he would wear his four mid-weight shirts and a fleece jacket under his layers of clothing for his night watches.

However, finally the cold and harsh elements got to him and he broke.  He knew that Kym had a brand new pair of Gill sailing overalls that I had brought over to France.  He couldn’t stand the cold any longer and squeezed into her overalls.  He said, ‘Sorry Kym.  They’re tight but they’re warm…'

Since they were made for a woman, he couldn’t figure out which was the front from the back since there was no zipper.  I wasn’t too much help either in helping him to decipher between each side.  So, each night that he wore them, he would switch to a different side.  Saying, ‘Thanks Kym for helping me to stay warm.’ 

It was always comical to come up each morning, seeing Garry at the helm, keeping us safe and on route… in women’s clothing.”
Because Garry would not be photographed in Kym's 
gear, this is Garry at the safety class in Gibraltar—NOT in Kym's clothing.
Interesting fact: In 1519, it took Magellan 6 days to sail from Gibraltar to the Grand Canary islands.  This being the first stop of his circumnavigation around the globe.  It only took Amara 4 days to reach the Canaries from Gibraltar.  …However, there is no record of Magellan ever wearing women’s pants.

*It should be noted, that I (Kym) purchased a LARGE pair of overalls not knowing who was going to need them and wanted there to be ample room for anyone that needed to use them.  Of course, any woman’s worst nightmare is to have a man fit into any piece of any kind of her clothing—or maybe just MY worst nightmare.  What I didn’t factor in, is that these VERY large (wink. wink) pair of overalls would be needed for a man!  I hope they kept you warm, Garry.