Monday, February 25, 2013

On their Way to Las Palmas!

Martin at the top of the mast while underway to Las Palmas.
They are finally off!  There was a break in the weather early this morning and Amara and crew are headed for the Canaries (Las Palmas).

Martin was very anxious last night and ready to leave Gibraltar.  Looking at the weather reports, they did see a break on Sunday giving them the chance to leave and head to the Canaries (Las Palmas). However, Patrice was watching the water and he felt that even though all the weather reports were reading a definite break, he told Martin that he just felt that the wind was going to pick up more than the reports were indicating.  So they decided to "sit still" in Gibraltar for another day.  Sure enough, about an hour after they made the decision to stay, the wind really picked up.  It was howling so hard that when Martin called me from the dock, I could barely hear him on the phone.  Martin said that it really was much stronger than what any of the reports were reporting and that he respected Patrice's excellent sailing skills and seaman's intuition.
The skies looming over Amara in Gibraltar.
Dinner last night with a delivery captain (a captain who is delivering a boat to an owner down in the Caribbean).  He is also planning to leave Gibraltar today.  Of course, Martin made friends with him at the dock and invited him to dinner.  What's new?  He makes friends everywhere he goes.
Martin buying provisions for the long 5 days ahead.
...and then they took off early this morning.
Martin at the helm while Patrice pulls in the lines.
...and then, Garry at the helm.
Goodbye, monkeys!
Oh, and goodbye, Gibraltar.