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Monday, March 11, 2013

Families On the Sea

I think that my favorite part of this whole adventure is having the chance to meet people, especially families.  While Martin and I were planning our trip, we kept talking about how much fun it will be to meet families from all over the world.  It was really one of our motivating factors.  In fact, I am sure that as readers of our blog, you're going to have to get used to me posting about all our newfound friends because this is probably the part that Martin and I are looking forward to the most.  Plus, I adore children. I know that they are and will be the best little ambassadors when it comes to getting to know other families in different ports.  If it was up to me, I would have had a large family.  However, Martin and I got started a little late in life, and we are just so lucky to have Lily. (More about "our story" down the road).  Anyway, whenever I get the chance, I gravitate to the little ones.  So, chances are, we are going to get to know a lot of families on the same adventure as us.

While in Gibraltar, Martin, Garry and Patrice got to know a wonderful family from Finland.  Their names were: Ari, Hannah, Kaisla and their son, Kaius.  They arrived in Las Palmas the same day as Amara did.  Martin said they were just wonderful and it was so fun getting to know them.
Below is their boat, Talisman.
The next picture is of another family that was parked next to Amara.  Be prepared to say to yourself when you see the picture below, "Ahhhh!" or, "THAT is so adorable!"  Because it is!  No lazy kids here.  I really can't take my eyes off how cute these little ones are playing out their roles as deck hands.
Laundry day for this little mate.
If you notice the railing that this little one is hanging her socks up on, it is called, "lifeline netting."  It helps give parents a little piece of mind that their little ones don't go overboard.  Of course, eyes still need to be fixed on their littlest mates at all times regardless of safety precautions, but it does give the children a little more freedom on board.  In fact, if you see this kind of netting wrapped around a boat, it is a sure sign that "babies are on board."

This is actually something that Martin and I will not have to do because Lily doesn't walk. However, we are taking tons of other safety precautions since Lily is with us.

Once I get out on Amara and get her organized, I'll spend one post on all the safety set ups that Martin and I have installed or purchased to ensure Lily's safety on the boat.  We aren't the first parents with a child on board and we have really researched everything that is available to make sure Lily is safe.  More than anything, as laid-back as Martin and I try to be with Lily's parenting, you can be assured that Lily will be attached to one of us in some form or another.  Lily's safety on the boat is priority for both us, so we have spared no expense.  
Looking at the photos of these families makes me want to get out on the water and join in on the fun. The countdown has begun.  Lily and I are less than 2 weeks away from seeing the one we love.  Watch out Martin, we can't wait!

Meanwhile, on the home front, we're finally home from the hospital.  This little princess is getting the royal treatment.  Three cheers for Lily!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just When I Thought We Were Sailing Along

So, I thought everything was going to be smooth sailing from here on out.  I mean, Martin is on his way and crossing the Atlantic, while I am wrapping up items at home.  All we had to do was wait, but somehow on Saturday night, we ended up waiting in the emergency room.
Lily has been a little sick this past week.  This weekend though, she got really sick.  Not taking any chances, I drove her straight to the emergency room yesterday and she was quickly admitted into the hospital.

I had told the doctor about Lily's symptoms of vomiting non-stop and not wanting to eat or drink.  Lily never had a fever and was quite pleasant in the midst of the unpleasantries.  The doctor ordered a x-ray amongst other tests.   What we found was that she was severely "backed up", dehydrated and well, we also found this when viewing her x-ray...
We've yet to find out whether it is a penny or a quarter, but we did have a second x-ray today and the coin is moving along and down the intestines.

While visiting with the radiologist, I expressed how I couldn't believe what a terrible mom I was to have not seen her doing this.  To reassure me that they have, "seen everything", he began to list out all the items that they have seen.  For example: nails, nail files, bullets to guns, open safety pins, a toothbrush and then he showed me this...
Yes, folks, that is a Christmas tree ornament!  Okay, so at least I didn't let Lily swallow a Christmas tree ornament!  I laughed so hard when I saw this and I just had to share.

Lily should be discharged tomorrow and then hopefully everything will get back to normal...  Like packing and making lists normal.  Amara normal.  Sailing normal.  However, as I type this, what I have realized is that this means that our new "normal" will be nothing normal at all... and THAT sounds pretty grand to me.

I know I promised dolphins... next post.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ticktock. Ticktock.

I'm still here in Utah dealing with this....

While Martin is still in France working on this...

Life really has a way of throwing a wrench into plans.

Weather is still BAD in France, so Martin will keep his troops working to fix and repair things on the boat and hopefully they can pull Amara out of the harbor next week.

In the meantime, time is ticking away and our timeline is shrinking, but we know we can still pull this off.  Just not as smoothly as we would have liked.