Friday, July 17, 2015

Next Adventure: The Northwest Passage

Well, I bet you have been wondering what was next on Martin's bucket list?  I think that we have kept you wondering long enough.

On Saturday, July 11, Martin took off to Alaska to board Aventura, and set sail through the Northwest Passage.  The Northwest Passage is a route that goes through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America via waterways that connect the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.
Different routes through the Northwest Passage
Martin arrived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska being greeted by the crew of Aventura.  This trip will be a little different since Martin will not be sailing on AMARA.  AMARA is not equipped to brave the climate or break up the ice with her hulls.  Boats that sail the Northwest Passage are specifically designed with large, heavy steel hulls that are able to cut through the ice as they make way through the Passage.  AMARA remains in Panama waiting for us to make up our minds where we are going to take her next.  We left her there to wait out hurricane season.

This trip, it will be Aventura that will be hopefully getting Martin to his stopping point in Greenland.  If all goes well (fingers crossed) Aventura and crew should arrive in Greenland somewhere around the first part of September.

While in Dutch Harbor, and getting Aventura provisioned and ready to set sail, Martin was tasked with the assignment of attaching Aventura's, Blue Planet numbered flag to the lifelines.  Of which, he promptly dropped into the arctic waters.  Luckily, last minute, Martin had decided to bring his dry suit, which he promptly put to use as he had to go in to the freezing waters and fish around the bottom for the flag.  With luck on his side (at least for this adventure) he was able to find the flag.
Martin enjoying a quick dip in the harbor in
Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
On Wednesday, Martin and the rest of the crew set sail to Point Barrow (which will take around 10 days).  This will put them just past the arctic circle and well on their way through the Bering Straight.
Aventura's route through the Northwest Passage
(photo courtesy of
I will continue to update the blog through this passage.  Be sure to check back to get updates about Martin's progress.