Thursday, May 15, 2014

More adventures on AMARA

The gang hiking up to Cook's Lookout on Lizard Island.  (AMARA in the background.)
AMARA and crew made it successfully to Lizard Island.  Upon arriving, they immediately went on a three hour hike up to Cook's Lookout. Captain Cook climbed up to this point in 1770 to assess the Great Barrier Reef and figure out his way through it.  I can't imagine having to navigate the Reef without the modern tools that we have today to wind around it.  However, it should be noted that Captain Cook did do some damage to his ship while getting around the reef.  His ship, the Endeavor, had to do repairs for seven weeks on the beach in Cooktown because of the damage.
The remains of Lizard Island after the devastating tropical cyclone, Ita. 
The category 4 Tropical Storm Ita, hit Queensland in early April of this year.  Lizard Island didn't fair so well after the cyclone.  Sue sent me this photo of the effects of the storm.

What happens when you stay ashore too long and the tide goes out.
This is always my worst fear–coming back to AMARA's tender only to find that the tide went out so far that it is beached.   No worries though, the crew of AMARA found some nearby poles and were able to create a slipway to get the tender back in the water.

Martin wrote me and said that while on the hike, they saw lizards as big as 4 feet long.  Some were guarding their nests and seemed to be more like Monitor lizards than iguanas.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
They also went on a dive and saw giant clams but also found that some parts of the Reef had coral sections that were completely dead.
David diving the Great Barrier Reef.
A night out to the local pub and participate in a trivia challenge.  
One of the fun things about David and Sue is that we played LOTS of trivia games while on AMARA last year.  It was no surprise that this group came in second in the challenge!  It looks like fun and makes me sad that I'm not with Martin to enjoy the good times on AMARA.
This is what happens when someone yells, "Cell coverage!"  Everything is dropped, cell phones come out, texts are sent, Facebook updates posted and Skype calls are made.  But just as fast as it comes, it fades away.  Then back to sailing AND fishing...
Double fisted Tunas.
Which means...
Mountains of sashimi.  Yum!
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
AMARA is now headed to Flinders Island, about 80 miles northwest of Lizard Island.  Flinders Island is known for it's interesting Aboriginal petroglyphs.  

I'll post some photos as they come my way.