Saturday, June 21, 2014


Obviously, from my last post, I have fallen a little behind on blogging.  Life away from AMARA seems to just suck up my time with little time to sit on the couch and just type.  Lily and I plan on rejoining AMARA at the first of July, so I am sure my blogging will take on a little more energy when I join Martin and our crew.  So, where to start...

First, Martin came home for a visit the first two weeks of June.  It was absolutely lovely having him home even though I felt like we were in fast forward the entire time trying to fit everything in on our list of "to do's".  Other than not getting two (very important) filters for our engines, I think Martin was able to pull in boat parts from all over the country to take back with him to join AMARA back in Indonesia.

Upon his return, it also meant a change in crew.  Sue, David, John and Tamrika took off in different directions in Indonesia and our new crew stepped on board.
Saying "goodbye" to David and Sue.  You will be missed!
And now, our new crew...
Top Row, left to right:  Patty (Doug's daughter), Vicki, Trevor and Doug
Bottom Row:  Ali (Martin's niece),  Tommy (a local dive guide) and Martin
Patty and Ali are just out for two weeks visiting.  Doug and Trevor have sailed with Martin before when they sailed from the coast of Florida to the Bahamas back in 2012 on Doug's boat.  So, Martin already knows that they will work well together.  Vicki is Trevor's wife and we are so happy to have her along, I only hope they don't put her to work too much in the galley since Sue is no longer on the boat.  
Ali taking in the sights in Bali.
Ali (our niece) just graduated from high school so Martin invited her out to Bali to join him and the crew as they dive in some of the most beautiful spots in Indonesia.  I am a little jealous because every time Martin calls, he explains in detail the beauty of the areas of where they are anchored.  I wish I was already out there, but things are also happening here in Utah (more on that later) so someone needs to be here in Utah to hold down the fort.

Check back in a few days and I will get some more pictures of their dive adventures and the story of our ripped spinnaker.  Oh the tales one can tell when it comes to figuring out a way to get it repaired while in Indonesia.   Leave it to Martin, and a lot of effort on his part, in getting it repaired.  More on that later...