Friday, March 11, 2016

Making History

Team "Visit Seattle"  — Clipper Round the World Race
We have some exciting news!  Martin and I have really been trying to devote to our sailing endeavors on AMARA, since we love her so much and have loved our time sailing as a family on her.  BUT we have a little more to our story that we have only until recently felt comfortable talking about.

Martin is not only a very competent and accomplished sailor but before he started sailing, he was a very accomplished mountaineer.  You see, before we set off sailing, Martin had just finished climbing all seven of the tallest summits in all seven continents throughout the world.  After he had accomplished this monumental task, only then did we decide that we wanted to do something as a family and that is when we decided that it was time to go back to the ocean, Martin's first love.  So, that is kind of where are real story starts to unfold...

After we had finished sailing around the world...  hummmm hummmm... Martin had finished sailing around the world (remember, Lily and I got off in Australia and then only joined Martin intermittently) we realized that he only had a few more oceans to go and then he would have sailed all seven seas.  So, Martin kept going, and going.

In April of this year, Martin will join team Visit Seattle for the Clipper Round the World race and sail from Qingdao, China to Seattle, Washington (sailing his final sea, the North Pacific) helping him to make history in becoming the first person to sail all seven seas and climb all seven summits!  Pretty amazing!  I couldn't be more proud of him.  If you want to follow him and watch him make history, I will be updating his status on Facebook, Instagram (7summits_7seas) and on his website (TBA).  So, check back when it is launched and I will announce it's URL.  Until then, keep checking his FB and Instagram for updates.

I couldn't be more excited!