Saturday, March 19, 2016

It all begins tomorrow

Martin visiting with school children in Qingdao, China aboard Visit Seattle
I just got off the phone with Martin.  He is in the comforts of his hotel room for one last night, scrambling to mark his gear, check his gear, finish up last minute work emails, and checking his nerves right now for what comes tomorrow morning at 8am sharp.  Time to board "Visit Seattle" for a month of what is said to be one of the toughest sails of the race.  In fact, Martin and his team were told that there could be upward to 80-foot waves.  How is that possible?

I feel nervous, excited, and anxious to just get him back home where life can be somewhat normal again... well, you know "normal" for us.

First things first,  here are all the links you might want to follow if you'd like to travel along with Martin's adventure.  Updates will be live, so this should be fun! 

Martin's personal website:

Twitter: 7summits_7seas

Instagram: 7summits_7seas

I, of course, will be blogging while he travels giving updates from Martin, purging my nerves through words and writing about our dear, sweet Lily (a little).  It just feels like home over here on and I am still trying to keep a record of our adventures here.

Now that we are full disclosure and actually figuring out that there is a method to all this madness - there actually always was - we just weren't sure when and how it would all unfold.  Another notable site that you might want to read is the blog that we kept while Martin was attempting his climb toward Everest, which he accomplished in May of 2011.  I climbed to Everest base camp, so it was a pretty fun adventure for me too!  This blog is really one of my favorites and also back when I had a lot more time (meaning Lily wasn't leaning on me, grabbing at me and trying to get my attention - like she is right now as I type.  Move over, Lily!  I can't type!)  

Of course, start from the beginning so you can feel the anticipation as he makes his attempts and finally makes it to the summit of Everest.  

Thanks to all who keep coming back to our little corner of the web.  We so appreciate your support and well wishes at this grand time!