Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Updates!

AMARA and Martin leaving Cape Town with a Volvo Race Boat behind him.
It's amazing how fast time flies when you're having fun.  Martin has already been back in Cape Town for 4 days now, and they are in the process of leaving Cape Town and headed for Brazil.  We had a wonderful time while Martin was here in the states for a very, very brief visit (5 days).  We were able to get a lot done while he was home.  But enough of that... what has Martin and the crew been up to since they have been back in Cape Town?

Martin and John were able to see some Penguins off the coast.  

He and John were also able to do a a quick Shark Cage dive.
John boarding the boat to do some cage diving.
How would you like to be that close to a shark?!
Now, don't get too nervous.  He and John were put into a cage and then lowered into the water while the boat sprinkled the water with chum (lots of cut up fish!) looking for sharks.  It was only a matter of minutes when the sharks got up close and personal next to the cages.  Looks like fun to me.

While Martin was here in the states, the crew went on a Safari in the Kruger National Park.  Here are some great photos that Sue sent to me (She flew to SA to be with David for the two weeks while Amara was anchored).

Looks like the crew had a lot of fun, I'm a little sad that I opted to not go to South Africa.  I think it looks like such a beautiful country.  Martin couldn't stop raving about how beautiful Cape Town was.  

More updates to come...