Thursday, November 13, 2014

...And They're Off!

I got a call from Martin today.  They are off and on their way, first to the island of Saint Helena (where Napoleon was exiled) then on to llha Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.  They won't arrive in Brazil until the 7th of December (if all goes well and the winds continue in their favor).  Martin sent me some great photos of AMARA taking off from Cape Town in the middle of the famous Volvo Ocean Race.
A view from AMARA leaving Cape Town, South Africa

I am hoping that all goes well for AMARA and her crew as this is a long leg.  AMARA's crew is now dwindled down to Martin, David and John.  This will call for long watches for the three of them, however, the winds look to be blowing downwind offering some smooth sailing for AMARA.

I'll continue to update as I hear news from Martin... stay tuned!