Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Last Video Treat

Yesterday my family and I went scuba diving with Manta Rays.  It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever had.  It was my first time swimming next to these large, majestic creatures that seemed to be flying, yet in the water. They were so graceful.
While we watched, I had two thoughts come to mind.  My first, is the music that I chose for this video came instantly to me as I watched them.  I set their movements to this music while still in the water (Enigma Variations: Variation IX. Nimrod-Adagio—one of my favorite classical scores) before I even set it to video.

My second thought was, "God is in the details."  I think this same thought every time I see a new fish that I haven't seen before.  Each fish, unique with their own shape and color patterns.  But this time, after seeing the Manta Rays in the water for my very first time, I became emotionally overwhelmed just watching such beauty created by a greater hand.  He is there.  He is in the details.  I am grateful for these little moments that remind me of a greater power and I am humbled.

This is just a 4 minute video of the music that played through my head as I watched these magnificent performers.  Also, there is a little octopus treat at the end that I also included.  (Thanks to Martin for shooting the video.) Enjoy!

We leave for Suwarrow in less than two hours.  I can't wait to see what beauty waits for me there.


PS.  I also updated the "Video" page on our upper header bar and compiled all the videos that I have made to date.  As always, enjoy!