Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rites of Passage - Midway Through the Pacific

Meredith jumping off AMARA
to celebrate this huge milestone!
Martin jumping in to celebrate!
Wednesday, we celebrated our mid-passage point of 1500 miles behind us and 1500 miles to go.  To celebrate, we had ice-cream (a luxury at this point in the game). 

We did a mid-ocean swim and then I also threw out a "message in a bottle" overboard hoping that it arrives in some exotic foreign country, where some interesting person will find it.  Then they'll write me and we will become pen pals for life (Ok.  I threw in a few bucks for incentive).
I wrote a poem and sent it off into
the waters for good will.
The mid-ocean swim turned out to be quite a treat from the constant time at sea these past 11 days.  It's obvious that we are getting closer to paradise as the water was a warm 80-degrees when we jumped in the Pacific.  It was such a wonderful time and fun had by all. 
Sue and David getting in on the action.
Well... for everyone but me.  Somehow when I jumped in the water, I managed to jump into a patch of some type of jellyfish and was stung all over my arms and back.  I kept saying to everyone, "Is anyone else feeling this?  Cuz it's stinging!"  Not a one had this experience.  Just my luck, but at least  I'll never forget my mid-ocean swim because of it.  I guess that took "one for the team" and sucked it up and kept swimming.  
Lily did a mid-ocean swing instead.
Getting mid-point in the Pacific ocean is a monumental rite of passage as it is the furthest point in the water from land.  Such daredevils.   It really was fun and I didn't think once about all the critters that could be potentially swimming beneath me and just enjoyed the celebration.  I will say, that I didn't let Lily's feet get even wet.  She just enjoyed all the festivities from her swing and seemed just as excited as we were.
These two are always working on something.
 Until then, meet us up on the lido deck, cuz that's where you'll find us most days.
Editor's Note:  Congratulations to my dearest friend, Tonia.  She is the best friend that a girl could ever have.  Tonia welcomed baby "Beatrice" into the world this week and my only regret is that I wasn't there to introduce myself to her.  "Busy", be prepared to be spoiled when I get my hands on you.