Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick Update

Many of you have emailed me wanting to know if we made it across the "puddle."  Actually, we made it to Hiva-Oa, in the Marquesas, last Thursday, June 5.  It was a torrential downpour when we arrived but we made it in 19 days!

I have actually written three posts.  One about our arrival to Hiva-Oa.  Another about the island, Fatu-Hiva, and another abouy where we are currently anchored (Takaroa in the Tuamotos).  However, with little internet service it will be hard to post these entries for a few more days. 

We are loving Takaroa.  Oh, how I wish that all my friends and family could join us here.  We have made dear friends here.  Our neighbor back home, Joey Buchan, flew out to meet us while also checking in on his pearl harvast.  He has been nothing but the most amazing tour guide and host.  I wish everyone could experience this time we are having with him.  He has showed us around the island.  We have visited his pearl farm, and even got to choose a black pearl as a keepsake.  All so interesting.  He has also set us up with every place that we HAVE to visit while in French Polynesia.  Joey served a LDS mission (Mormon) in Tahiti  and comes back around 3 times a year.  Joey knows most of the islands in French Polynesia and is giving us firsthand insight about where to anchor.  Where to visit.  Where to snorkel and dive.  You name it, he's done it and letting us in on his secrets.  His insight has been invaluable. How lucky are we to have a neighbor like Joey?

I will try and post soon, so keep coming back!  The adventures never stop!  We are having an amazing time and want everyone to enjoy this time with us.