Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's Inside?

I finally got my act together and organized some photos of Amara.  It really has been a fun, yet exhausting experience.  I started the planning and preparation almost 4 months ago with the goal of making this boat feel like home for our family.  I am glad that it's basically done and I am quite pleased with the finished product.

Now, for the tour inside Amara.

First, the galley, salon and navigation station.  In non-boater terms: the kitchen, dining room and the captain's area.

Lily, our model, showing us the galley.  This is a fully stocked kitchen with 3 refrigerators and 2 large freezers.  It has a full oven and stove top, along with a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.  We are hardly roughing it.

This is where most of the events are happening these days.  Because the boat has air-conditioning, we are taking advantage of the cool air that this area offers.  We are currently staying indoors to eat most of our meals until we start our passage.  Then, I'm sure, we'll be taking our meals in the cockpit area.

The navigation station provides all of the electronics for the boat.  It has an auto-pilot, radar system, chart plotter and the ship's computer (MaxSea computer) in this area.  The "Nav" station also maintains the electronic management for the water makers and generator controls.  We also have a satellite phone and VHF radios located in this area.  Along with this nav station, we also have all these same controls up on the fly bridge.  That way we can steer and manage the boat from both areas.

This little girl is thrilled to have an area where she can play with her toys and have some room to spread out, roll around and stretch her little legs.

The picture above, gives you an overview of mine and Martin's cabin.  The vanity and shower are located just outside our bedroom area and the "head" (toilet) is separate and in a closed area just behind my desk (not seen in this photo).

We really love the space and storage that our cabin provides.
*Note:  I wasn't going to do framed pictures in each of the cabins because I was unsure of the dimensions (as they varied from room to room) and I knew that I'd have to bring the framed pictures with me on the plane; which I wasn't mentally prepared to do (more lifting!).  Then about 2 weeks before I left Utah, I knew that I would scold myself daily for not doing the pictures and framing prior to coming to St. Martin.  So, I found a few photographers that I have used in the past and had them do photos for each of the cabins.  I guessed at the dimensions just over the bed frame for each cabin and had the pictures custom framed according to my "guesstimates."  Then I lugged all 9 framed photos on the plane with me from Utah to St. Martin.  I have to say that I am quite pleased with their end result in spite of them being a bit of a stress and headache for me.
Martin's side of the bed along with a view of our storage space and closets.
My little corner and where I do most of my blog updates.
Here is a better view of our vanity and shower.  The bathroom has plenty of storage and ample room to spread things out a bit.

I wanted Lily's room to be bright and cheery and done just right for our little piece of sunshine.  What you don't see is that Lily's bunk is about 3 feet off the ground (which makes for a hard fall if she were to roll off her bed).  So, after much detail, diagrams and discussions on Martin's part, he was able to come up with a master plan to keep her from rolling off the bed.  
Martin and David were able to rig up netting all along Lily's bed.
I took this of Lily just waking up this morning enjoying her new and very safe bed.  I can sleep easier knowing that she won't roll off.
The netting and poles can easily come off and Lily's room can be used for guests if the boat fills up with friends and family.

This is one of the rooms for our crew, David and Sue.  Their cabin has a completely separate entrance than the 3 cabins just off the main salon.  That way it gives them a little more privacy and they can shut their cabin's door and be done with the Frey family for the evening.
A quick photo of their head (although I didn't take a picture of the actual head).  You can at least get an idea of how large this area is.

We also have a fourth cabin, but I have only hung the pictures at this point.  I wanted to wait to set this room up for when our guests come.  I want the linens and towels to be fresh upon their arrival, so I chose to wait.  I'll make sure to snap a photo and post when it is all set up and ready for guests.

*Note:  Each room has it's own desk, head, full shower and a library area.

Lastly, our cockpit area.  This is a covered "patio" just outside the salon.  I'm sure we will spend plenty of evenings sitting around this table talking and laughing with old and new friends.  In fact, we have already hosted a dinner with a few friends that I had met online through a cruiser's forum last year.  We found out that they were in St. Martin, found their boat and, of course, invited them over for dinner.  It was really fun to meet them in person and I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
Today, we had a great surprise.  My brother, Clay, and his wife, Stephanie, are on a Caribbean cruise and were coming to St. Martin.  Clay called me on Monday to see if we were still in St. Martin.  We were thrilled to meet them at the cruise ship's dock and show them around St. Martin and give them a tour of Amara.
Clay at the helm on the flybridge of Amara. 
We took them to Friar's Bay for lunch, which is a little restaurant on the sand just by the water.  It's a beautiful little beach.  So beautiful, that Stephanie couldn't resist the lure of the water any longer and got up in the middle of lunch and took a swim in the ocean.  Now, that's living!
I am so glad that we were able to have a lovely day visiting with Clay and Stephanie and that we were able to show them around Amara.  Hopefully, after seeing Amara in person, they'll come visit us somewhere in the South Pacific.  (hint. hint.)