Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fair Winds and Safe Seas

This week has put me in a bit of a panic.  So much to write about but not enough time or energy to gather my thoughts.  First things first, Martin and Amara are less than a week away from reaching St. Martin.  I had a wonderful conversation with him tonight and he is more than ready to see us and I think maybe even more excited to see land.

While talking to Martin, he told me a funny story.  The other day when he and Garry were sitting at the flybridge, they saw something in the water.  Martin said to Garry, "Was that a television?"  So curiosity got the better of them and they turned Amara around to go check it out.  Sure enough, it was a television!  They hadn't seen land for 11 days or another ship for 4 days, and right in the middle of the Atlantic, a television goes floating by.  They had a good chuckle over it.
Also, Martin let me in on something that has been a bit of a nail biter for them this past week.  About a week ago, Martin noticed a slight change in the engine noise.  Upon investigation, they found that the starboard engine mount was broken.  Then they went to the port side engine and found that TWO of the engine mounts were broken!  I mean these are huge bolts that needed repair and they didn't have any means of repairing them in the middle of the Atlantic.  Lacking the proper sized bolt, they managed to wrap a line around the engines and tighten it by twisting a screwdriver so that it would tighten the line and hold the engines in place.

They finished the repair late into the night and because there wasn't any wind to speak of, they had to motor through the night—making for a white-knuckle watch and little sleep for the crew that wasn't on watch.  They were all very worried that it wouldn't hold the engines in place and found themselves checking the engines often throughout the night.

Upon examining their repair in the morning, Garry said, "We realized that our backwoods, redneck, or rather... our backsea, wetneck repair would hold."  So, they all breathed a sigh of relief and were able to finally rest from all the tension from the night before.  I am so glad that I wasn't there for this mishap. I'm also glad that I didn't know about this until after the fact because I would have stayed up all night worrying right alongside with them.  The good thing is that their sail repair on the parasailor is holding up well.
Their "makeshift" repair.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
This will probably be my last post until I get to St. Martin.  My bags are packed, all the bills are paid, and the house is organized and in good hands.  I really can't think of one more thing that needs my attention other than not missing our flight.

I think pulling Lily out of school was the hardest thing that I have had to do during this whole process.  I cried huge tears when the bus driver pulled up to the house on Thursday to drop Lily off for the last time.  She just loved going to school.  So, to add insult to injury, I loaded Lily up in the car and I took her off to get her Yellow Fever shot.  The last one on her list of needed shots.
Lily at the Travel Clinic.  
Little does she know what's about to happen.
This week has flown by and I am filled with mixed emotions.  I really can't wait to see Martin, but I also feel the tug of the comforts and securities of home here in Utah.  Martin and I have a wonderful life filled with dear friends, and especially family.  My heart is a little heavy in having to leave them.  In the same breath, I am excited for the adventure of seeing parts of the world that I might never have the chance to visit if it wasn't for our decision to purchase Amara.  Life really is an adventure, isn't it?

So, I will take a deep breath and make a leap of faith while I step onto the plane that will take me to my next chapter.  Wish me... wish us all, fair winds and safe seas!