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Monday, July 22, 2013

All is Not Calm

I can't help but think that my blog today is going to be similar to other cruisers blogs because we are all experiencing a lot of the same weather.  It's a cool 80 degrees.  That would seem idyllic to most, but add in 25-28 knot winds, some pretty good rainfall and then, to me, it doesn't seem so paradisiacal.
I have to keep reminding myself that this is winter time in the southern hemisphere.  The days are the shorter and the winds are at their strongest outside of typhoon season.
Amara has done an amazing job in shielding us from the cold, rain and wind.
I couldn't help but think of the story of the Odyssey and how it relates to Amara as of late.  Like Odysseus, I feel like we are getting blown across the sea, with Poseidon on our tail.  Although we never actually received a leather bag full of all the winds from Aeolus, it does feel like someone has opened the bag prematurely and we are stuck in a windstorm that we'd like to break free from.  Then throw in a few showers here and there.  I have yet to hear the sirens calling and there are no Trojans in sight… thank heavens!  All I can think is, "Hold on until Thursday" since the weather report says the worst is over by then.

Unlike Odysseus, we are still on course and it won't take us ten years to get to our destination (unless we choose for it to).  It's hardly fair to compare our "waiting out the storm" to Odysseus' Odyssey, but I can say that I understand Homer and his story a bit more as each day unfolds on this big blue sea. It really is about the journey and joy of discovery.  Even better, I have been able to enjoy it all with my family.
Monday, we ended up in Ta'ha' in hopes to wait out a few windstorms. Even in unfavorable weather, it really hasn't reduced our desire in having fun.  We are still able to go snorkeling or diving everyday.  We are just making the best of it and hope the sun will show her face soon enough and blow out that pesky old wind.
This past week, we also stopped in Huahine and took some time out to enjoy the beach for a few days.
The sun was out all day.  It was just those gusts of wind, mixed with pelting sand that cut our stay at the beach short.  Luckily, the beach was right in front of a lovely new resort and we decided to seek refuge in the restaurant where we enjoyed a great lunch as a family.
In fact, it was so good, and well, let's face it, I love a nice resort, that we took Sue and David out that evening for dinner there as well.

After a day on the beach, we went to go see the famous stingrays.  We were a little caught off guard by how quickly they come up to you.  They are just like little kitty cats coming up to you for a nuzzle.  The little kids were a little caught off guard at first, but they quickly jumped in to give it a try.
If anyone ever makes it to Huahine, this is a definite must.  Luckily, since we had our own dinghy, we just drove out to where all the paying customers were.  Again, another advantage to having your own boat.  It really was something that we'll talk about for years to come.

Like Odysseus, our journey continues...