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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Transatlantic Crossing Route

For those of you who would like to see the Atlantic crossing that Amara will be making,  I made a little map for you to see the route that she will be sailing.

Canet, France >> Gibraltar:
As of today, Martin and his crew have traveled 672 nautical miles from Canet, France to Gibraltar.  It took them 3.5 days, having to hang out for a day in Mallorca until the weather passed.  They were met with force 6 winds with gusts at 43-50 mph in high seas.  One wave was so high that it caused a startling crash against the boom.

Gibraltar >> Canary Islands (Las Palmas):
Looking at the weather window, as of today, Martin and Patrice have decided to leave Sunday from Gibraltar and sail to the Canary Islands.  This is 683 nautical miles and should take them about 4-5 days.

Atlantic Crossing: Canary Islands >> St. Maarten:
In the Canaries (Las Palmas), the crew will provision Amara for their long Atlantic crossing.  This passage will take anywhere from 17 to 20 days (pending weather), with a distance of 2700 nautical miles.