Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heading Home from Antarctica

Everyday my morning routine is getting on my computer and tracking where Martin is on the boat in Antarctica using the online tracking system provided by the boat.  It is so fun to follow it and know where he is.
From looking at the photo above, you can follow the dotted lines seeing that the boat left Ushuaia, Argentina, sailing across the Southern Ocean, eventually reaching Antarctica.  I love modern technology. LOVE it!

Often while talking with Martin on the phone he will comment about seeing whales breaching right in front of the boat.  Amazing!

Once they reached Antarctica, he was able to go on a few expeditions looking at wildlife and hiking around.  He told me that he has seen so many emperor penguins that he is a little "penguined out".  Ha!

Now, from looking at the map, you can see that the boat is on it's way home back to Ushuaia.  They should be reaching landfall by Feb. 1, which hopefully happens because he is scheduled to fly home on the 2nd!

So glad that Martin was able to have this experience.  I can't wait to see all the photos that he was able to take capturing such a remarkable part of the world.  I'll be sure to share them once he is home.