Monday, September 15, 2014

Today's Update on Amara

Martin called last night and reported that this past week they have been in 24 knot winds for the past week and reported that he was actually cold (even though it was 75 degrees).  With the wind blowing all day and all night, it made it a little cold and uncomfortable—especially while on watch.  Today the wind finally started to die down and is now a lot more manageable than this past week.

Every time I talk with Martin he is in great spirits and is truly loving his experience crossing the Indian ocean.  We are in talks whether I should meet him in South Africa or he should come home.  We just aren't sure as of yet and have a week or so to think about it.

Martin sent out an email today to all his fellow cruisers on the same route as Amara and I thought I would share it with you all to let you know about Amara's current position.

"Hello fellow Indian Ocean sailors.

As of noon local time (0700UTC) Amara was at 17d 56m South by 72d 36m East.  During the night last night we passed the halfway point between Bali and Durban.  Yeah!  We are now 2540 miles from Bali and 2380 miles from Durban.

Winds are in the low teens out of the eastsoutheast.

We caught three Mahi Mahi's yesterday.  The largest was about 35 lbs.  Not enough to beat Christine and Guy's record, but close. If you add all three of them together it was probably at least seventy lbs of fish.  Not bad for one day's haul.


I always love hearing from Martin and am so glad that he is still enjoying his journey.  More to come later this week!