Sunday, October 27, 2013

Discovering the Bay of Prony

Our first stop on our way to the Isle of Pines was at Prony Bay.

The Bay of Prony is a beautiful bay that is five miles long and six miles wide that meanders through a lovely little valley.  It has a hard scrub vegetation with loads of red soil heavily scarred by past mining activities and water erosion.  The Bay of Prony is known for the fact that it was once a nickel-cobalt mine and a place where the French brought their prisoners to mine the land.  For tourists, it's better known for its hot springs and great hiking.

The Bay of Prony with AMARA in the forefront.
Going down the river toward the hot springs.  It got a little shallow, so we had to get out and walk the tender down the river.
Our Little Adventurer
Martin isn't so sure about the "hot springs"
The gang
Lily and I decided to bow out of the hot springs and enjoyed it from the sidelines.
Getting back to our dinghy.
The Mangrove trees
That evening, we spent the night in the bay and had our good friends (Lazy Bones) come over and join us for some hors d'oevure and some fun chatting.

Off to another adventure the following day.