Our Route

Like all sailing schedules, itineraries change due to weather, boat repairs and discovering paradise (meaning we stay longer than anticipated).  Although our 2014 schedule isn't set in stone, this is at least a starting point.  We are excited to get this voyage underway and hope that you will continue to follow us as we see the world, one island at a time.  

2014 Sailing Schedule

Boat prep on Gold Coast (Brisbane, Australia)

Brisbane to Whitsunday Islands—5 days (700nm)

Visit Whitsunday Islands—Heart Reef and White Haven Beach

Sail from Whitsunday to Townsville, then on to Cairns—5 days (400nm)

Visit Cairns and provision AMARA

Sail from Cairns to Lizard Island—2 days (250nm)

Sail from Lizard Island—Dive Herron Island and Cod Hole

Dive the Great Barrier Reef!

Sail through Torres Straight to Thursday Island (300nm)

Provision AMARA at Thursday Island 

Sail from Thursday Island to Tual (Indonesia) and South East Moluca—5 days (800nm)

Visit Tual

Sail from Tual to the Banda Islands—2 days (250nm)

Visit the Banda Islands

Sail from the Banda Islands to Sorong (370nm) then to Cenderawasih Bay (350nm)

Dive with whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay

Sail from Cenderawasih Bay to Sorong (350nm)

Sorong Orientation

New crew arrival—change over crew in Sorong

Dive and cruise Raja Ampat Islands

Continue to dive and cruise around Raja Ampat archipelago

Sail to Ambon (350nm) and visit the Spice Islands

Sail from Ambon to Wakatobi (400nm) and dive in the National Reserve

Sail to Flores (300nm) and cruise along coast of Flores

Sail to Komodo and see Komodo Dragons

Continue cruising along coast to Lombok and visit Lombok, then on to Bali

Visit Bali

Provisioning and Boat Preparation

Depart from Bali

Sail from Bali to Christmas Island—4 days (570nm)

Sail from Christmas Island to Cocos—4 days (420nm)

Sail from Cocos to Mauritius—14 days (2037nm)

Visit Mauritius

Sail Mauritius—Reunion—Durban (South Africa)—12 days (1576nm)

Visit Durban—Safari in Africa!

Sail from Durban—Cape Town—20 days (735nm)

Visit Cape Town—Possible repairs for AMARA

Sail from Cape Town—St. Helena—11 days (1693nm)

Sail from St. Helena—Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)—13 days (1800nm)

Sail from Fernando de Noronha—Fortaleza—5 days (600nm)

Sail from Fortaleza to the mouth of the Amazon—5 days (600nm)

Sail the Amazon River

Sail the Amazon Mouth to Trinidad & Tobago—12 days (1600nm)

Visit Trinidad & Tobago


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
So far, this is as close to a sail plan that Martin and I are able to come up with at the moment. We know that owning a boat translates to, "Be prepared to make changes."  Nothing is ever set in stone but we can dream that in a perfect world, this is all the ocean we'd like to cover and all the places that we'd love to visit.   

If you'd like to see where we are at the moment, you can click here and see our location on the map. 

Check back every so often because odds are, things are going to change!
Transatlantic crossing.  Arrive in St. Maarten late March

APRIL 2013:
San Blas Islands, Panama, cross through the Panama canal, 

MAY 2013:
Pacific ocean crossing, Tuamotos, French Polynesia

JUNE 2013:
Tuamotus, Tahiti

JULY 2013:
Moorea, Huahine, Ta'haa, Ra'iatea, Bora Bora

AUGUST 2013:
Bora Bora to Suwarrow, Cook Islands

Niue and Vava'u Tonga

Tonga and Fiji

Fiji and Vanuatu

Eastern Australia

...And if Martin holds up his end of the bargain, we'll be sailing through Sydney Harbor for New Year's  2014!  Wish us luck!